The first edition of Mother Africa festival scheduled for Abidjan in December

Abidjan, Oct 16, 2022 (AIP) – The first edition of the international multicultural festival called Mother Africa Festival will be held from December 28 to 30, in Abidjan, announced the promoter of the event, Fontaine Traoré, during a press conference. , Friday October 14, 2022, in Cocody, with the other members of the organizing committee.

According to Mr. Traoré, this festival plans to receive 40,000 participants who will come from various backgrounds, with music, art and gastronomy on the menu with the aim of increasing economic and tourist opportunities and thus contributing, in their own way. , to the influence of Côte d’Ivoire.

“We want to give Côte d’Ivoire an international stamp because of its status as a hub of culture and atmosphere”, he underlined, noting the presence of both national musicians and DJs as foreigners, illustrious and anonymous, at this meeting on Ivorian soil.

Mother Africa Festival will take place in three phases on a site set up in the town of Marcory, around the theme, “Africa is the future”, continued the artistic director, Joël Williams. He specified that this is a call to go back to basics to show the whole world what Africa, the cradle of humanity, abounds in terms of potential in the fields of art, music and gastronomic culture.

Also, visitors will have the opportunity to discover cultural marvels (example of a weaver in the process of making a traditional loincloth) with the aim of helping to maintain the interest of the public on the days that the event will last. .

The idea of creating this festival comes from a group of Africans who say they have traveled to the four corners of the world. Mother Africa Festival is supported by a plural desire to promote African music, culture and arts. The black continent being the cradle of humanity, it remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration in terms of music and culture, said the promoters.

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